Train your Brain! Exercise your Mind with Brain Puzzles and Memory Games from MoneyBall. It’s up to you to accept the challenge. MoneyBall is a simple game that targets the memory skills of its players. Your mind is the key to success. Complete game levels, climb the leaderboard, and stack your chips. Take chance and compete against other players in friendly competitions or test your skills against multiple players in Tournament Mode. Invest In Yourself. MoneyBall...the hottest new app in mobile gaming! 


Available for iOS & Android Devices 


1. Remember The Sequence

2. Re-Enter The Sequence

3. Beat The Clock



Individual Play

Beginning at Level 1. A randomized sequence of symbols will be displayed on screen for a certain amount of time. Players are required to remember the sequence in the exact order as they are displayed. Once the symbols disappear from the screen a countdown timer will begin. Players must simply re-enter the sequence before the time runs out. If successful, players will be awarded with reward chips. Reward chips are won on every level and free plays will be awarded on specific levels. If the level is failed, players will have the option of purchasing life packs (free plays) or reverting back to Level 1.

Individual Play gives players the ability to win chips and increase their chip count. Collected chips will be used for entry fees when playing Head to Head Matches or Tournament Play.

Head To Head Match

Select a game mode, choose a blind entry fee, challenge an opponent, and go head to head against another player for a winner takes all match. All blind entry fee amounts will be funded through player chip count balance. Available for Royal Flush Club Members only.

Tournament Play

Select a tournament mode, choose a blind entry fee, find opponents or create your own tournament, and go head to head against multiple players in a winner takes all tournament match. Tournament play must consist of 4 players. All blind entry fee amounts will be funded through player chip count balance. Available for Royal Flush Club Members only.


Survival Game: The goal here...don't fail. Based on the same game format as Individual Play; each/all players will begin at Level 1. Once Level 1 is complete they will then move onto Level 2, then Level 3, etc. The player that lasts the longest without failing wins. Once an incorrect symbol is entered by either player the game is over. The player who is furthest within the game sequence will take home the pot.


Speed Game:  The goal...enter as many correct symbols as you can. Each/all players will be given a continuous sequence of symbols for 25 seconds. The player who enters the most correct symbols within the time frame wins. Entering an incorrect symbol does not conclude as a fail or loss, it simply counts as an incorrect. Players must completely fill in each sequence set before another sequence set will be displayed.

In-App Purchases may be necessary to compete if player chip count balance is not equivalent to blind entry fee amount.



MoneyBall offers a monthly membership option for users that want to become a Royal Flush Club Member and unlock full app access. This membership is a monthly subscription fee. Free play will be available (with limited access) for those who do not wish to become a member. There are absolutely no requirements to spend your cash! There are no hidden fees when playing our app. Spend the amounts that you wish to spend!



MoneyBall keeps track of all account transaction activity. To view transaction statements, click the Account Transactions Icon on your mobile device, or go to:


Menu --> Profile --> Account Transactions, or


Home Screen --> Account Transactions Icon (Located in the top right corner of home screen).

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